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Loudspeaker Paging                                                                                                     7

                     Clock Systems                     Need Secure Systems                 System Enhancements:
                  or  Schedule Management             or Tie All Systems Together      Eliminate Feedback, Tones, Mics

                                                          SIP Paging

                                                          Paging over LAN/WAN with no limits on distance.

                                                          Easily add speakers or audio gateways anywhere on your network:

                                                          • In other buildings
                                                          • Detached warehouses regardless of location
                                                          • Used car lot that is two blocks away
                                                          • Detached trailer buildings
                                                          • Any campus location
                                                          • Each of your retail stores across the nation
                                                          Valcom IP Public Address is intended to distribute audio via
                                                          IP protocol over vast distances via wired networks, fiber optic
                                                          networks or even wirelessly.

                                                          It enables you to address, inform and alert large groups of people:
                                                          customers, employees and visitors in public spaces.
                                                          The major advantage of IP public address systems is its usage in
                                                          installations where it is difficult and expensive or even impossible
                                                          to run cabling. 

                                                          Leverage your installed PA system: Simply Plug and Page.

                                                                         SIP Door Intercoms  Unlimited
                                                                                       IP Speakers/Horns
                                                         Call Manager

                                                                                       IP Gateway
                                                                                                      Legacy Paging
                                               IP Gateway                                                                Loudspeaker Paging – Analog & SIP Paging Design

                                                                   Clock Speakers
                                                                                        SIP Emergency

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