It’s Easy To Determine The Power Needed To Run Your System

You don’t have to have a degree in electronics to put your system together. For those of us who don’t know much about Ohm’s, MHz and watts - Valcom has developed a simple, easy system we call "Valcom Power Unit" or VPU’s.

Valcom Products Providing Power Are Noted By A +#

Valcom Products Consuming Power Are Noted By A -#

Simply total all - example:
1. Page Control VPU's  Page Control       1 x +30 =  +30 VPU Provided  
2. Speaker/Horns VPU's  Speakers    15 x  -1   =   -15 VPU Consumed  
3. Sutract b. from a.      =  +15 VPU's Left Over (No Power Supply Needed!)
  • Have VPU's Left Over - You Can Add More Speakers!
  • Need More - Simply Select a Power Supply With Enough VPU's to Make Up the Difference