Step 2 - Select Speakers & Horns

Valcom Speakers Are Unique!

Easy Selection Considerations:

  • One-Way or Talkback
  • Indoor, Outdoor or Industrial Environments
  • Area to be Paged in Square Feet
  • Determine Ceiling Heights & Type
  • Noise Levels
  • Style, Decor & Color
Speakers are generally used for interior environments and provide high quality music and voice reproduction. Speakers are designed to sound good and look good.  It¹s easy to use hundreds of One-Way speakers in a zone - large numbers of speakers simply require additional power (VPU’s) per area ­ see Step 3.

All One-Way speakers/horns will have an audio pair (line level) connection and a power pair (-24VDC) connection. Speakers can be networked together using standard telephone/datacom low voltage wiring (CAT 5/6).



The talkback feature is most suited in areas where people can have a normal conversation. Talkback is not recommended in noisy environments. Most talkback zones can have 2 Talkback speakers plus 40 One-Way speakers. All talkback speakers/horns will have only one audio pair connection and must be used with a Talkback page control unit.

Speaker Placement:
Ceiling Height x 2 = Ceiling Speaker Placement
Example:  8' Ceiling x 2 = Space Speakers 16' Apart

(Speaker Spacing Guide Chart)

Ceiling Speaker Description VPU’s
V-9022 2 x 2 Lay-In Ceiling Tile Speaker -1
V-1020C 8" Ceiling Speaker -1
Talkback V-9062 2 x 2 Lay-In Ceiling Tile Speaker  0
V-1066A 8" Ceiling Speaker 0

(Horn Spacing Guide Chart)

Paging Horn Indoor Outdoor Description VPU’s
V-1030C V-1030M  5 Watt Paging Horn -6
V-1036C V-1036M 15 Watt Paging Horn -18
Talkback V-1048C V-1048M Talkback Paging Horn 0