Loudspeaker Paging - Transportation

Valcom has innovative integrated solutions for the transit market including modern rail, airport transportation and hub voice and visual systems. Valcom has solutions ranging from local bus terminals to the world’s largest transportation and rail systems. From basic systems with individual station requirements to the most complex multi-faceted requirements, Valcom has the ability to deliver and integrate hundreds of stations and command points.

Valcom provides voice and integrated visual solutions with high intelligibility to quickly and efficiently communicate to passengers and staff in every day normal activity and emergency/crisis situations.

  • IP Network Distributed
  • IP Speakers & Horns
  • Immediate Fail-Over
  • Built In Redundancy
  • Live Voice Paging
  • Pre-recorded Messaging
  • Scheduled Messaging
  • Digital Signage Integration
  • Emergency Voice Notification
  • Transit Help Stations
  • Automatic Noise Sensing
  • Unlimited Zones and Groups
  • Time Control- Clocks- IP, Wireless & Wire
  • Platform Call in Intercom Stations
  • Software Programmable Zoning
  • Customized Graphical Interface
  • Primary and Secondary Command Points
  • Interface with Local Station Controls
  • Fully Supervised
  • Event Logging
  • Self Monitoring
  • Multi-lingual Messaging
  • Back Up Stand-Alone Station Operation
  • Triggered Announcements
  • Emergency Digital Signage
  • Overhead Paging

Valcom Transportation Solutions include:
  • Unified Mass Notification
  • IP Emergency Telephones
  • IP Clocks
  • Loudspeaker Paging Notification
  • Digital Signage
  • IP Classroom Emergency Intercom
  • ez button Easy Button - Control Your Existing Multimodal Mass Notification System.

Every system is unique.  Please call to discuss your needs.    email: vsales@valcom.com