IP Applications

Valcom VoIP Gateways provide loudspeaker paging and telephone signal connectivity through client’s LAN/WAN.


The VIP-801A Analog Page Port enables voice access to a single zone of One-Way paging. Extend a paging zone signal across the street or across the nation!



The VIP-811A Station Port operates with both single line telephones and/or PagePac® Station DoorPhone and can be used for handset paging control. Phones within the network can dial each other and intercom calls can be routed to a specific telephone for assistance. Paging handset can access any zone in the system and ALL CALL is provided.



The VIP-821A Trunk Port connects to extension or stations and can also integrate to PBX dedicated line ports. Use to tie line PBX’s and save leased line charges. Use your IP phone through an FXS port to access Valcom Paging Systems in the building or across town.