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                                                                    At Valcom, we realize each
                                                                    project is customer specific.
                                                                    For this reason, we will
                                                                    continue  to listen  to our
                                                                    customers to provide the

                                                                    highest quality solutions.           “

                                                               Proudly Made In The USA for Over 35 Years

                                                               Valcom, the largest provider of telephone integrated
                                                               paging systems in the world, knows and understands
                                                               customer needs.

                                                               For over 35 years, our focus has always been, and will
                                                               continue to be, listening to and providing customer based

                                                               Valcom’s  unique  and  extensive  experience  in  IP  and
                                                               Analog  Voice Paging Systems, Mass Notification, IP
                                                               Centric Multimodal Systems and  Telecommunication
                                                               Enhancements gives us a unique perspective.  We are
                                                               well known for providing guidance and assistance in
                                                               implementing everything from the simplest paging
                                                               system to the most complex mass notification solution.
                                                               Our  customer  base  includes  most  of  the  Fortune
                                                               500 companies, the majority of highly secure US
                                                               Government facilities, local  government emergency
                                                               service organizations, over 35,000 schools and quite
                                                               possibly your own organization.

                                                               Virtually all of  Valcom’s products are engineered,
                                                               manufactured and supported in our 120,000 square foot
                                                               state-of-the-art facility in Roanoke, Virginia, USA. Valcom’s
                                                               component products are available through wholesale
                                                               distributors and integrators.

                                                               Valcom has some of the industry’s newest and most         Who we are . . .  Wht we do . . .
                                                               innovative manufacturing processes and works
                                                               continuously to improve our customer solutions.

                              1.540.563.2000   1.800.VALCOM-1 (1.800.825.2661)
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